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Ultrasound guided Bursa Injections MIPSI

MIPSI or Minimally invasive pain and spine interventions is a broad term which encompasses all the Non-invasive and minimally invasive interventions done by the interventional spine and pain physicians for myriad of conditions right from Musculo-skeletal disorders like back pain, neck pain, knee pain etc.

Bursae are fluid filled sacs present around the joint which facilitate movement and reduce friction at tendon-tendon and tendon-bone interfaces. Bursitis is inflammation of these bursae.

Some commonly targeted bursae in our body are

  • Bursae around Shoulder joint: SASD bursa, Sub-coracoid bursa
  • Bursae around Elbow joint: Olecranon bursa
  • Bursae around Hip joint: Ilio-psoas bursa, Greater trochanteric bursa
  • Bursae around Knee joint: Suprapatellar bursa, Prepatellar bursa, Infrapatellar bursa
  • Bursae around Ankle joint: Retro-calcaneal bursa

How Ultrasound guided Bursa injection MIPSI helps relief pain?

Whenever, there is Bursitis, there is severe pain and limitation of movement of the joints due to collection of inflammatory mediators in the bursa. Ultrasound guided MIPSI helps reduce this swelling by diluting these inflammatory mediators and also reducing further inflammation by injection of anti-inflammatory medications inside the bursa.  

When will the medication begin to work?

Patient can start appreciating the effect of the medications 3-4 days post-procedure and maximal effect is achieved over a period of 3-4 weeks.

How many times this procedure has to be repeated?

Most patients need only one injection, however, some patients may need repetition of the procedure. Decision to repeat the procedure is taken by your doctor looking at the relief percentage from previous procedure.

Will I require hospitalization for this procedure?

No. This is a Day care procedure. Patient is advised about the Pre-procedure precautions before- hand. On the day of the procedure, patient arrives 2 hours before the procedure and is discharged same day after 2 hours of monitoring.

To see how this procedure is done, click the below link