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Sports Injury

Sports injuries occur during exercise or while participating in any kind of sport. Young people are more prone to get these injuries, however, these can be seen in older people too.

Risk of Sports injuries increases if:

  • You are not regular in sports or exercise
  • You don’t warm up properly before the exercise
  • Your sport involves aggressive movements like contact sports

Following are the different type of Sport injuries commonly seen:


Overstretching or tearing the ligaments results in sprain. Knee and Ankle are prone for these injuries


Overstretching or tearing muscles or tendons results in strain. Biceps, Hamstrings or calf muscles are generally prone for these injuries

Knee injuries

Any injury that interferes with how the knee joint moves could be a sports injury. It could range from an overstretch to a tear in the muscles or tissues in the knee.

Muscular inflammation

Muscle inflammation post sports may also be painful and weak.

Achilles tendon rupture

The Achilles tendon is a powerful tendon at the back of your ankle. If this tendon can breaks or ruptures, it becomes difficult for a person to even walk properly.

Rotator cuff injury

It is very common in sports involving aggressive movement of shoulders like throwing .

Fractures and dislocations

JEEVISHA Protocol for management of Sports injuries

  • The RICE method is a common treatment regimen for sports injuries for the initial 24-36 hours. It stands for:
    • Rest
    • Ice
    • Compression
    • Elevation

           It can help reduce swelling and prevent additional pain and bruising in the early days after a sports injury.

  • Medications: Some anti-inflammatory medications are generally prescribed for 2-3 weeks to reduce pain and swelling
  • Braces and binders: If we feel patient needs to rest the involved joints, we generally advice some braces to immobilize the joints for 3-4 weeks to give the joint adequate environment to heal.

Inspite of above efforts if patient still feels pain or there is restriction in patient functionality, we advise them for targeted treatments

Targeted treatments

  • Ultrasound guided injections
  • Ultrasound guided Prolotherapy
  • Physical rehabilitation: Physical rehabilitation plays a big role in bringing the patients of Sports injuries to normal life and function. With the help of our trained Physical therapists, we develop an individually tailored treatment regimen, which along with Injection therapy greatly reduces the time to recovery and helps them get back to their sports at the earliest.