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MIPSI or Minimally invasive pain and spine interventions is a broad term which encompasses all the Non-invasive and minimally invasive interventions done by the interventional spine and pain physicians for myriad of conditions right from Musculo-skeletal disorders like back pain, neck pain, knee pain etc.

What is Biaculoplasty ?

Intervertebral disc is made up of two components: inner Nucleus pulposus and an outer tuff layer of Annulus fibrosus.

Intervertebral disc degeneration is characterized by dehydration of the disc, development of annular tears and the process of neurotization around tears (formation of abnormal painful nerves).

Because of the process of neurotization, patient’s disc pains whenever it moves or experiences any stress like forward bending.

Biaculoplasty is a brand-new advanced technology which uses the properties of Radiofrequency ablation to bring about Disc denervation. As these abnormal nerves are ablated, disc movement becomes painless and patient experiences pain relief.


  • Discogenic pain
  • Intervertebral disc degeneration
  • Annular tears
  • Disc bulge

How Biaculoplasty helps relief pain?

Biaculoplasty involves placement of Water cooled radiofrequency needles from either side and on the posterior aspect of the Intervertebral disc. The needle tips are so placed that, at the time of lesioning there is flow of bipolar RF energy across the tips producing a zone of Ionic tissue heating. This heating in the painful area brings about the denervation of the abnormal nerves and thus, relieves the patients of the discogenic pain.

After how much time will I feel the difference?

Patient can start appreciating the effect over a period of 1-4 weeks.

How many times this procedure has to be repeated?

At JEEVISHA Pain Clinic, we generally combine this procedure with Regenerative medicine therapy which helps in the healing process of the disc. Thus, most of the patients need this procedure only once.

Will I require hospitalization for this procedure?

No. This is a Day care procedure. Patient is advised about the Pre-procedure precautions before- hand. On the day of the procedure, patient arrives 2 hours before the procedure and is discharged same day after 2 hours of monitoring.