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JEEVISHA..... means giving hope and direction to live a Pain free life.

Pain has affected mankind since ages, infact most of the times it is the first symptom which brings patients to the doctors. Now, pain is treated by all kinds of doctors according to their respective specialities. But still there is good percentage of people who are living with pain on a daily basis.

And these are the people who are affected by what is called as chronic pain syndrome.

Treatment of chronic pain is a daunting task which starts with the correct identification of the pain generators and then requires a holistic approach and a multi-disciplinary management.

We at JEEVISHA specialize in treatment of these chronic pains through use of medications, physical therapy, alternative therapies and minimally interventional techniques.

Our ultimate goal is to relieve pain, increase productivity and improve quality of life of people by using the most technologically advanced and minimally invasive pain treatment options.

Some of the conditions treated at our centre are chronic Back pain/ neck pain/ knee pain/ shoulder pain/ headaches/ pelvic pain/ post -surgical pain. We also provide palliative care services and are involved in the management of cancer pain.

Under the stewardship of Dr Sanjog Mekewar, JEEVISHA Pain management centre, strives to provide a holistic approach for the effective treatment of Chronic Pain conditions.